At least once a unit (usually every 1-2 weeks), I will be at school tutoring. This is a time to get individual help from me in a more one-on-one setting. I will always let students know when I will be after school at least one day in advance.

I am always available before school from 8:05-8:40.

For immediate resources, I've included below links to extra practice and online videos to help students with the current topic of study.

Unit 1 - Fundamentals and Foundations

Order of Operations
Example problem with explanation
Another Exmaple with Explanation

Mental Math
Mental Math Tricks

Simplifying Expressions
Video- Distribute and Combine Like Terms
Solving Mulit-Step Equations
Video - Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
Video 2 - Solving Equations with Variable on Both Sides
Solving Equations for a Variable
Khan Video 1
Khan Video 2

Simplifying and Rationalizing Square Roots (Radicals)
Rationalizing 2
Step-by-Step Examples for Simplifying
Khan Academy Video Tutorial for Simplifying Radicals

Unit 2 - Intro to Functions and Polynomials

Is it a Function?
Video Tutorial - Tests for Functions

Evaluating Functions
Video - Evaluating Functions

Combining Functions Through the 4 Operations

Composition of Functions
Step-by-Step Examples with Functions that are sets of points
An example of Composition Pt 2 (Evaluating)
Video that explains composition of functions
Video Tutorial - Composition Part 3

Domain and Range
Finding domain and range from a graph
Khan Academy Video - Domain and Range from a Graph

Function Families
Slideshow of different parent functions with title, graph, and equation

Unit 4 - Quadratic Functions

Factoring Trinomials with a=1
Factoring Difference of Squares Video
Khan - Factoring by grouping Pt 1
(helps lay foundations for factoring trinomials with a not equal to 1)
Khan - Factoring Pt 2
(then continue with parts 3 and 4. Link from video on top right corner)

Complex Numbers
Intro to i
Powers of i

Video Tutorial
Examples of Transformations of Q.F.
Practice Problems

UNIT 5 - Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Solving Exponential Equations