At least once a unit (usually every 1-2 weeks), I will be at school tutoring. This is a time to get individual help from me in a more one-on-one setting. I will always let students know when I will be after school at least one day in advance.

For immediate resources, I've included below links to extra practice and online videos to help students with the current topic of study.

Fundamentals and Foundations

Order of Operations
Example problem with explanation
Another Exmaple with Explanation

Mental Math
Mental Math Tricks

Simplifying Expressions
Video- Distribute and Combine Like Terms
Solving Mulit-Step Equations
Video - Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
Video 2 - Solving Equations with Variable on Both Sides
Solving Equations for a Variable
Khan Video 1
Khan Video 2

Simplifying and Rationalizing Square Roots (Radicals)
Rationalizing 2
Step-by-Step Examples for Simplifying
Khan Academy Video Tutorial for Simplifying Radicals

Factoring Trinomials with a=1
Factoring Difference of Squares Video
Khan - Factoring by grouping Pt 1
(helps lay foundations for factoring trinomials with a not equal to 1)
Khan - Factoring Pt 2
(then continue with parts 3 and 4. Link from video on top right corner)

Intro to Functions and Polynomials

Is it a Function?
Video Tutorial - Tests for Functions

Evaluating Functions
Video - Evaluating Functions

Combining Functions Through the 4 Operations

Composition of Functions
Step-by-Step Examples with Functions that are sets of points
An example of Composition Pt 2 (Evaluating)
Video that explains composition of functions
Video Tutorial - Composition Part 3

Domain and Range
Finding domain and range from a graph
Khan Academy Video - Domain and Range from a Graph

Function Families
Slideshow of different parent functions with title, graph, and equation

Rational Functions
Polynomial long division

Quadratic Functions

Complex Numbers
Intro to i
Powers of i

Video Tutorial
Examples of Transformations of Q.F.
Practice Problems

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Solving Exponential Equations

Graphing sine and cosine transformations
Draw Angles in Standard Position